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 Michiana Working Dog Association is working dog organization as well as a United Schutzhund Clubs of America full member club. Our mission is to uphold the standards of the national organization, title our dogs, support the training of service dogs and to enjoy and have fun in the discipline of training dogs with fellow handlers new and old.

09/17/2016  Another trial in the books for Michiana Working Dog Assn.  Congrats to Christine Musselman and Merlin, Bill Johnston and Teagan and Amber Taylor and Veery on their BH's.  Congrats to Bill Johnston and Conall on their OB 1 and Jordan Goorhouse on his 95 points in protection!  Jan Harkner-Abbs and Cursa achieved their IPO 3 and High In Trial.  Thank you to all who entered and visited to support our trial.  Thanks to the club members for making it the best trial it can be.  Thank you Al Govednik for making it an encouraging and fun trial.

11/7/15  Congrats to Bill Johnston and Conall for obtaining their BH today at White River Working Dog Club in Indianapolis.  Your hard work paid off!

June 18th, 2016  Congrats to Jan Harkner-Abbs and Cursa Vom Drachen Haus on their IPO 2 title.


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